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The Peerless Group's history spans back an incredible 119+ years ago. Peerless have managed to go from stregth to strength as the years add up by buying into new companies and increasing productivity around the world.

The one area Peerless used to struggle with was finding a web company that was able to offer what they wanted. The owner and managers of the Peerless Group wanted a website that including high resolution images and a rich customer experience that would put them on the same platform as their global leading customers.

Their new website courtesy of Media City Way is lightyears ahead of their previous website and connects them with the manufacturers they supply for.

Walk before you run

This project started by creating the correct layout. As easy as some people may think it is to put a few images and text on a webpage, the truth with this website is we would be dealing with customers that run multi-million pound companies and therefore the pubic style branding would not be acceptable.

We ran numerous research studies and collated the results, the layout you can see now has been designed from these results.

The use of high resolution imagery and dark and light colours helped us to highlight the most important aspects of the Peerless Group.
Peerless Gas Controls
Peerless Gas Controls Mobile Friendly

Learn from the Research

Our research gave us a great insight in to how websites evolve around the world. We started the design work and our first draft was accepted, the only changes needed as we began the design work was to darken the images used within the full screen image gallery.

The management team wanted their website to be a learning tool as well as a selling tool, something that staff members could quickly load up and get the answers to questions asked by their customers. You'll notice on the homepage a series of controllers used in different appliances, when you hover your mouse over a particular appliance the image changes to the part used along side a description of what that part does.

Drumroll please…

The website once complete was placed on Media City Way's security and cache platform which intelligently monitors the website for suspiscious activity and blocks threats to the site. The use of an SSL Certificate ensures all parties using the website are secure and the cache platform along with our lightning fast servers ensures the website loads in under 1 second on the majority of devices.

The website has helped build trust and promote sales with companies such as Beko, Belling, Electolux, Indesit and many more. The website was such a success Media City Way were offered to be Peerless Groups Web Design Agency and have since created a further 2 websites for the Peerless Group.

Peerless Gas Controls

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