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Welcome to version 2.0 of Office Furniture Dealers (OFD). After the success of version 1 the owners of OFD wanted to focus and strengthen their target market. This change involved removing public access to the complete website and only allowing registered Office Furniture Dealers to join.

The Join Us Now page cleverly checks to see if businesses that join up are exactly who they say there are. Company Numbers and cross referrenced with other websites to ensure only the correct people gain access to the website.

The site now allows dealers to easily trade stock between themselves, within a few clicks they stock is live and shown to all other dealers that use the website. No feature has been forgotten about, the site has a custom made messaging app, transport companies that can all be contact with the click of a button, urgent requirements, this site is one of a kind and ground breaking in terms of online trading.

Psychology and hidden meanings

The rebuild of OFD allowed us to focus all our energy on the new target market. The colour palette we chose had to represent key values such as reliability and trustworthiness as well as making sure that this new trading concept would be easily understood by dealers visiting the website.

The website had to be modern, no reputable office furniture trader would want to spend time on a boring website. We included a paralax background to give the website depth, but reduced its movement to counter motion sickness.

The logo, fonts and colours were changed to make them eye catching and without realising the logo itself contains the initials O, F and D. This was hidden within the logo so people would recognise and locate where the logo was from.

Office Furniture Dealers with Hidden Image
Office Furniture Dealers Uploading Images

Create and Improve

The latest versions of programming languages were used to make the site load and perform tasks faster and increase the websites security. The average image upload time was reduced from 1.35 seconds to an amazing 0.35 of a second.

A bespoke messaging app was also developed to reduce the amount of emails sent by the server, the messaging app also improves the average time spent on the website as well as increasing the number of return visits to the website.

What this site offers

This website has set the standards for online trading. Through our research with our clients and the discussions with our team the OFD website is one even we admire. The developers have created a ground breaking website and keeps on delivering.

The website even cleans up by itself allowing the owners and admin members to focus on their jobs. Outdated messages are archived, expired listings are removed completely and non paying members dealers are deactivated and then removed after a set period of time. Media City Way continue to work with Office Furntire Dealers on a consultancy and development bases offering invaluable advice and updates.

Office Furniture Dealers

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